turkeys giving away turkeys

a great day…almost as planned. no major glitches. just the usual bus not running right, stickers didn’t arrive as planned and no heat in the building… hey we were heading outside anyway.

great group of guys came early to repack and set up dinners for transporting to trucks then to sites. 8am the first meal arrived followed by 150 other dinners. Cars were lined up as we received delivery.

One company CEO donated 26 dinners. up from last years 12…the owner matches the workers and friends so the contribution doubled…He and his wife collect, pack and repack the dinners. At FunFest he helped me unload a wagon load of pumpkins…

a great atmosphere / vibe
people milling about, drinking coffee, first timers nervous wondering how, where, when, what

Scott led a few songs,
Doug spoke on the Whys,
I gave simple instructions.

Then we grabbed our stickers(for the door knobs to let other team members know that door had been visited) and our connect cards and headed to the three apartment sites.

Stories are now coming in.

one man was so moved, that he knelt down beside the turkey dinner when he was prayed for…a mom wept…one family was leaving home as a group of turkeys showed up to give them a meal…one family from Africa were more than emotional…

one kid, when another team knocked at the door, excitedly exclaimed, ‘Mom! those good people are back!’

all in all a great way to spend the morning.

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