Boy Howdy! FunFest

Just another day until our FunFest A safe place for families on Halloween…

A few weeks ago was talking in prayer about the weather…I sensed ‘The weather will be ok.” Interesting exercise…thinking you heard something from God…Then checking the weather to see if I heard God…Indian Summer! 64 degrees with sun for Friday I think I heard correctly.

Last night 200 people showed up for our pre-event volunteer meeting… We worshipped, were envisioned, received some instructions, and prayed together. A great Night. We have approx 290 people scheduled to serve to help us love on our community and Experience the Light.

We are expecting a few thousand people from the community to show up.

Also, this year I was able to help two other churches with their fall festivals. Both churches had huge crowds and made an impact on their communities.

Often people ask ‘Why would you spend so much energy, resources to throw a party for the community?’ We’ve discovered the people of Dayton enjoy successful, safe, high impact events. They tend to show up when invited. When they come on to our property, they are served, cared for and loved upon. Plus they have a good time with their families.

Secondly, people tend to visit The Vineyard after the FunFest. The last two years we saw a dramatic increase of guests the month of November.

Thirdly, it’s huge fun.

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