We’ve been using our ABCD pathway for a few years now.

Access Point a lunch for new people to find out about the Vineyard, and Beginnings are two of the components that are creating a great environment for potiential new share-holders.

Beginnings is a 5 part course. We are using the matrix of our four ministry areas.
Each area leader explains their passion for their area and how people can participate.

Loving God: Worship, Prayer, Celebrations, Environment, Vibe

Loving People: First Impressions, Outreach, Congregational Care

Establishing Families: Children, Teens, Nurturing the Family

Discipleship Pathway: Classes, VineyardMen, Women, Small Groups

We also are using the matrix for our downtown campus. It is encouraging to see people begin to understand what and more importantly Who we are about. At the end of Beginnings Doug comes in and shares where we’ve been and where we are heading as a church and invites the people to become active members.

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