missional community

on mission, fulfilling vision.

Len Sweet once said, ‘the most at risk leadership skill is inspired imagination.’

Inspired imagination begins with the end in mind. Thinking ‘what would our community, church look like if?

In the early days of serving the city of Cincinnati, Cincy Vineyard leaders often dreamed with inspired imagination. What would it look like if we served cold drinks to drivers stuck in long lines on a hot day? What would it look like if we delivered turkey dinners to the less-served the weekend before thanksgiving? What would it look like if we create a place where the less-served could receive care? Their dreaming provoked action.

Their inspired imagination continues to this day. The creative spark is spreading the good news done in practical ways all over their city and into the world.

Paul spoke about ‘people being of one mind, being of one heart, of one spirit, intent on one purpose.’

True community is formed when a people chose to live life on mission, and begin to actively give themselves to pursue their vision…together. Community is formed when people seek to live life intentionally.

Community is living life forward moving toward a purpose.

The purpose?

Perhaps it’s seeking to fulfill the Great Commission.

Perhaps it is a group of people are consistently thinking, ‘How can I help people within my sphere of influence take their next step toward Jesus Christ?’

Five friends…
we don’t know much about them. Just that they were friends. Four of them were healthy, one wasn’t.
He was not well, needed healing.

Five friends heard about Jesus.
They heard that he was healing the sick, preforming miracles and that He was teaching how to live life within the Kingdom of God.

We don’t know how far they had to carry their friend, we just know that they were intent, focused on one purpose… to bring their friend to Jesus no matter the cost.

Five friends decided to move toward Jesus… together.
Someone had to find the directions to the house.
Someone had the foresight to bring ropes… just in case.

When they arrived they noticed the crowd was huge. Many people were pressing in to hear the words of Jesus. At some point they realized they couldn’t gain access.

They formed a new plan. The roof.

They pressed through the crowd and found a way to the roof. Determined they parted the roof, tied ropes to their fiends mat cautiously lowered him to the floor.

Jesus seeing their faith… Their friend was healed.
The walk home was probably pretty exciting.

The principle: True community is formed when people are determined to move toward their common purpose together.

There is no greater purpose than helping others move toward Jesus Christ.

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