Broken Humanity

We had a week with no power, some people had no water, others no food. Thursday we fed a couple hundred people at the Downtown Campus, then on Saturday we hosted a huge Block Party for the people in the area. It was great to see people being cared for by our heroic volunteers.

We’ve been kicking up the vibe with our prayer society. On the Saturday they enjoyed prayer team training then came to the block party to practice what they learned.

It was great to see people being prayed and cared for.

One thing about the poor, they know they need prayer and are more open than most people.

Broken Humanity
Seeing the depth of people in need is sometimes a little overwhelming. One couple, obviously on some mind bending drug, sat down just beside the food line and stuffed their back pack with freshly cooked hamburgers, drinks and chips. When we asked what was going on they were totally defensive like ‘how dare you question what we are doing?’

It was saddening to see people who are so desperate result to stealing free food. In our mind it just doesn’t make sense. However the mindset is ‘We’ll take what we can today, for we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.’ Hording is a common trait among the less-served of our society.

One impression: the party helps people to ‘feel normal’. Our block party,in a small way, brings some encouragement and light into a community.

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