what do you say in 35 minutes?

Servant Evangelism in 35 minutes… WoW!

How do you explain the concept of serving others that is impacting, inspiring, and motivating? That’s what I have in a few week speaking to some leaders…most I assume are not practitioners. so I’m pondering…

Story will be the intro, middle and exit most probably centered around creating God space, and helping the people we lead to create God space…

I noticed that Dave Workman is speaking on the outward focused life moving toward a lifestyle of generosity and serving over many weeks at the Cincy Vineyard. Knowing Dave he will be measured, inspiring, spiritually smart and clear. The cool deal, the whole church are invited to play in the game on an outreach weekend.

35 minutes… Wow? If you are a praying person please pray for me over the next couple of weeks as I attempt to distill many thoughts, principles into a snack.

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