i’s of leadership

issue no 3. no outward focused model to follow

Outward focusedness is often more caught than taught. People learn best by doing and seeing others model the way. Our western mindset tends to be geared toward theory rather than practice. Therefore there are many theorist and few practitioners. The theorists often teach values, and principles yet may not practice what they teach. (all who teach are somewhat guilty I for one)

The western mindset has a knowledge bias. If we read a book, pass a test we believe we have gained knowledge, an education, or a skill and…experience outworked matters not.

In the real world of outwardfoucusedness externally focused churches are led by passionate practitioners.

The same is true concerning a persons value system. If I ask, ‘Do you believe in the great commission?’ Most believers would say yes? If I asked, ‘Is the great commission something you value as a truth?’ Again, most believers would probably also answer in the affirmative. If I asked, ‘What do you do in your personal life to live an outward focused life? There may be a pause…

We all have aspired values. Values we say we believe and hold as precious. However there is a great difference between an aspired value we say we believe and the real values we do.

Bottom line what we do reveals our personal true core values.

Leadership component needed…Integrity

Dictionary.com in·teg·ri·ty

1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.
3. a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship’s hull.

Integrity means: the messenger is the message. If we say we are an externally focused person and want to lead other outward.. it’s important to have some evidence / practice in our lives that point to the life value.

Bottom Line: Leaders lead by example. Relating connecting story, having an evidence of an outwardfocused lifestyle does much to inspire those we lead.

This past week I ventured into the world of the homeless with Nate a young, fearless, passionate leader. Each week he heads out into the city often backpacking food, water, and other necessities into homeless camps dotted around the city of Dayton. As he goes he gathers other 20’s from different churches to help serve the less-served. It is amazing to watch him hug, care and love the homeless. They know him by name, and know he is the real deal. He clearly is a friend to many. A few weeks ago he camped out for a few days to be with the people and to experience what they experience.

Each Sunday our Dayton Campus represents the people he is reaching.

It was a blast to see the message and love that flows from this fearless messenger.

Before the BBQ he gathered us together and shared his heart and some caring tips. It was an amazing night. A small band played some songs, jammed and worshipped…and many, many people were fed, loved on and prayed for.

One guy 6 ft 6 and a size 14 shoe named Shaq appeared. Shaq had bandages on his wrists from an evident suicide attempt. I mentioned I knew another Shaq who played basketball. He laughed…After eating a few burgers, some watermellon, and desert… he unrolled his quilt and settled down for the night. I asked if I could pray for him…he answered, ‘Yep that’d be nice.’ As I prayed I noticed God’s peace flow over him. At the end of the prayer he asked, ‘Do you guys ever have people attempt to do you harm?’ I replied, ‘Nope I’ve got a friend named Shaq and he is 6 foot tall.’ He smiled…

Nate is an outward focused guy…it’s in his bones, he is the message, he has integrity. Others who sense the real deal are drawn into dangerous places following a fearless, passionate messenger.

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