Dayton Airshow…Baptisms

Water Everywhere: A great weekend this week. On Saturday we headed out to the Dayton Air Show locked and loaded with bottled water. We went to two locations… the 90 degree high humidity day made the outreach more than a success.

A shuttle shuttled people from the National Air force Museum a small team loaded with 600 bottles of water and 150 small packs of sun screen had a great time. Many people were especially grateful for the sunscreen.

The larger team, mainly of teens, headed to the air show parking lot… Many grateful people, many positive comments and high energy.

Baptism Weekend: This was also our Baptism weekend. We were scheduled to baptize 19 people spread out over the 3 services.

At the end of each service, and after the scheduled people were baptized, we simply asked, ‘Is there anyone else who would like to be baptized?’ 36 extra people responded and were baptized.

One family of 4 took the plunge… There is something about people seeing other people being baptized that touches the heart. Several of the people who responded made positive commitments of faith and decided to follow Jesus.

Scott Slivers see: message was clear and to the point. Through Jesus people can have their hearts cleansed from a guilty conscience… Just as water cleans the body from contamination so also confession of our sin can cleanse our hearts.

Cool water to drink and clean water for baptism made for a great weekend.

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