Skate Boarding and Ice cream

This summer there have been two events at our premier Kettering Skate Park. DC shoes and a MTV Reality Show was sponsoring one event that drew hundreds of skaters to the park.

We decided to serve the crowds by providing ice cream. So we grabbed a few teens, a huge cooler, the ice cream, wooden spoons and our eye-popping connect card.

The teens went to the north, south, east west corner of the park and served the ice cream. It was a huge hit. The reality show film crew also were served. It was a great outreach. The buzz was buzzing.

Observation…Teens rather than adults doing the outreach was an instant connection. Questions like… Are you a skater? Why are you doing this? Who are you guys? What’s up? Word. Were common. A great time showing God’s love in a practical way.

Doing the outreach.
1. Purchase small cups of ice cream and wooden spoons from a local distributor
2. Grab some connect cards

3. Load frozen like a brick ice cream into a few coolers

4. Arrive at location

5. Announce we have free ice cream

6. Hand ice cream, wooden spoons, and connect card to skater

7. Have Big Fun

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