water everywhere

water everywhere…

Thursday the 3rd it rained…the city plans their fireworks always on the third. I think they know other townships plan for the 4th and hope that people from all over will attend. Each year we serve the people attending by giving away bottles of water. Usually, it take 1 to 2 hours to broadcast 10k bottles.

Our teens braved the weather on Friday the 4th and headed out to Delco Park. During the week I received a skid of squirt toys. So we decided to give them to the kids attending the Fireworks show. The toys were a huge hit and all the teens had a blast.

What do you do when you purchase 10,000 bottles of water, plan a team BBQ and outreach and it rains?

Plan for a summer blast. Each week we’ll be heading out to different locations around the city for a water kindness in action outreach.

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