ever felt like you’re dying…I have

time slipping away

Interesting, night the other night before Tim Russet died unexpectedly… I felt like I was dying…

During the day I felt dizzy…but continued on just chilling on vacation…at 10pm I went to sleep a bit fitful but slept until 11pm…

I woke up feeling nauseous so went to the bathroom. By the way I hate to throw up big time. So I waited, repressed the tendency until I felt somewhat better then went back to bed…suddenly, I sat up on the bed trying hard not to throw up…I felt like my life was ebbing, draining away…high heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling like my life source was quickly leaving.

I’d never felt like this before…Pattie woke up and asked ‘Are you ok?’…my reply…’no!’…lights are on, Pattie is looking worried and I’m heading south quick…I mentioned… ‘I don’t want to die’…as the ebbing feeling intensified…

Do you want me to call 911? For the first time in my life I replied yes. My bro in law and Patties sister a nurse arrived, we all drove to the hospital…

After 4 hours wait and ekg…blood work etc the doc comes in at 4am and states, ‘Well you’re good for another 100,000 miles. Everything looks aok.’ I ask, ‘What was that all about?’ The reply, ‘We don’t know.’ So,

I head home next day watch the news about Tim.

Two days later I feel pretty normal…

So what happened? Who knows. But I now know there is a nerve (vagus) that is associated with nausea. It can at times, especially if someone represses hurling, cause a chain reaction which includes dizziness, sweating, high heart rate, rapid breathing and passing out. All my symptoms. I’ve never passed out…been knocked out, but I have never passed out. So I think this is what happened.

Next day Tim Russet dies suddenly… Makes you think eh? Life is so short. Time keeps on moving into tomorrow. We never know when the end may suddenly appear.

1. Ok God I’m listening
2. I’m glad I know Jesus (there was a quick overview and some confessions and some praying)
3. Perhaps I need to embrace some other life style changes, what I eat etc (I’m fit, I exercise consistently and attempt to turn off work at home and on vacation)

4. Life is short. I need to consistently begin to live like I’m dying, be kind and tolerant, care for family, friends, share Jesus with others more openly etc.

…the reality: we all are dying, it’s just a matter of time…life really is short…

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