zoom in zoom out

had a great day with our staff on Wednesday talking about team and how every member is important in order to make a lasting impression…

I began by showing a Honda commercial I often show to break the ice…it is creative, and a choir creates all the sound. the conductor is just one part of the whole… view the audtions first

the point:in order to make a lasting impression it takes a team

I mentioned that I take my wife Pattie, 27 years married today, to the philharmonic not because I like to attend, but she likes to attend… I still learn something every time I go. A conductor sees 30 stanzas ahead of the musicians… I also noted that all the musicians tune up together before planing a piece of music…and noted one violin out of tune, one flute missing a note etc. can ruin a performance…point: we all need to be in tune in order to make a lasting impression on those we meet and those who attend the Vineyard.

Our new worship guys and video extraordinaire Bobby, filmed from waking up in the morning, driving to the Vineyard, etc as if he was a first time guest…the film was eye opening for all the staff to say the least.

Our signage is in need of updating.

I also talked a bit about the leadership principle of zooming in and zooming out.

Sometimes we can’t see past their stuff: me, mine and I. That’s an extreme zoom in. It’s like Donald Miller in Blue Like Jazz…”I have one radio station that plays k-don all Don all the time.”

Second we can be so visionary or zoomed out our sight is fuzzy…we don’t understand that there are details, systems, and resources that need to be in place, that will enable us to achieve our mission more effectively.

Thirdly, sometimes our ministry teams feel, that our effort, our work, and our importance is all consuming. We are locked into our arena of service. All warm and fuzzy, or tired and missing the point. Zooming out helps us see the big picture.

The reality: We all need to develop zoom in and zoom out life skills in order to accomplish our mission.

Our personal passion, life development, and life mission is essential.

Being a visionary and leading the charge 30 stanzas ahead is imperative. Good leaders communicate an inclusive vision… we can accomplish much, together.

Working with a great team is energizing.

However, we are like strokes on a fine piece of art. When we zoom out and adjust our focus we begin to understand that we are just part of the painting.

The sum of our parts… make the whole.

Philippians 2 is key…Good attitudes, humility and a sense of I will do whatever it takes for the sake of the mission…The mission, leaving Dayton better than we found it by helping people take their next step toward Jesus Christ. It’s a noble cause…Working together it is possible.

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