6 or so intrepid BBQ teams, some driving as far as Michigan came to our Dayton campus just to cook BBQ for the community. 500 pounds of meat was cooked to perfection.

If you don’t know how the cooking happens here’s what happens

Arrive on Saturday…get smokers fired up with wood, mainly hickory, pecan, cherry…

Also fire up smaller cookers for food, lots of food… to last through the 15 hour process…

They were also competition cooking… brisket, and pulled pork… Mr. White a great guy in the community was the judge.

The weather was great, only 3hrs of thunderstorms and some wind.

Sunday after the service, 10 people baptized, people filed out to waiting tables, at 1pmish, we began to serve the food…BBQ sandwiches, chips, drinks and oreos.

Believe it or not 1250 sandwiches were gone in an hour and a half.

hundreds of people showed up, and the community vibe was amazing as sinner and saint sat together downtown on Main.

some pictures

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