It begins or I should say It continues

We’ve always gone to the least, to the lonely and to the lost. Over the next 6 weeks we will be encouraging people to Join the Adventure. To step up, take part, give, serve and Go.

We continue to push into our community and are seeing people begin to respond to our Main St Breakfast and Food Pantry. It takes time to develop relationships and to build trusting relationships. Many of the people who are consistent are opening their lives up and sharing their story.

April 19 Get On The Bus! takes a new shape by developing a Block Party On Main. People understand Block Party. The party will be located just next to our place on Main St. on an unused piece of land central to all traffic and the neighborhood. I’m anticipating a huge turn out.

I just finished teaching 3 sessions for YWAM DTS. It was fun and brought back memories of my time as a YWAMer in Scotland. The training was well received by the students and I think helpful.

My challenge this year…all outside teaching, training etc that I do I will be keeping 10% and giving 90% away. Pattie and I are pretty excited about this new adventure. Hopefully I have some bookings, for training and coaching and that will expand over the next 3 years.

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