Easter Egg Drive Thru

here we go…last night at our training evening we talked about breaking down barriers and building bridges into our community. We exist to serve our way into the heart of our community. We are unlike the Boy Scouts etc. because we are motivated by God’s love found in Jesus Christ. He is the hope and the savior we need we serve because He serves.

A hundred people showed up for the training. It’s interesting, out of the 100 people I noticed several people who are attending the Vineyard who are in the process of discovering faith. I sense they are being accepted and are serving gaining a sense of belonging before they believe. They are hopefully picking up… serving is normative to the Christian journey.

St. Patrick used to create organic communities of faith were people could find a sense of belonging and at the same time be able to process Faith. George Hunter III has a great book titled the Celtic Way of Evangelism that talks about St. Patrick and how he reached into the heart of community.

We bagged 15,000 eggs prizes, peeps, etc in 20 minutes and loaded the trucks.

Saturday will be an interesting day.

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