great time yesterday…over a hundred people turned out for the event…great presentations from all the speakers…

new ideas, the importance of relationships strongly deposited, as well as the process of discovering faith…I asked, “how many of you came to Christ the first time you heard the good new?…please raise your hand.” No hands were raised…point made, discovering faith is a process.

People are either moving toward Jesus or moving away. Our job as believers is to listen, discover a persons spiritual address, and encourage them in their journey toward Jesus Christ.

A great day, good buzz, excited people.

We used some of Bill Hybels Just walk across the room. This tool is a great resource available @. We used several clips. The value of telling your story, How not to tell a bad story, How to clearly preset the good news using the Bridge, Do vs Done and the Morality Gap illustrations.

Highly recommended.

Cincy Vineyard also just completed 4 sessions on the “e” word. Also, worth a listen…the videos are available on line. www.cincyvineyard.com

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