e:training we’ve heard it’s going to be a great time. We’re pretty dog gone excited about next Saturday, 15 March at 9am.

We have some great speakers, interactive, informative and self study materials lined up. The speakers are all some of the best. All are been there, doin the stuff kind of people, practitioners not just theorist.

Scott Sliver is the number two leader with Doug Roe at The Dayton Vineyard a pretty good church. Under their leadership the church has grown from a handful of people to around 3000.They started serving the city by caring for the poor and needy, then moving to major Servant Evangelism outreach events all the while nurturing the people who gathered at the Vineyard.

Doug Pollock encourages discovery / revelation of a personal heart belief which often move people toward Jesus Christ. His is the E Director for AIA. He has been in over 39 countries and has spoken to small groups to major crowds. His insightful wondering questions draw people into dialogue. His contribution in Irresistible Evangelism project is one of the highlights of the best selling training course.

Steve Bowen is the E Pastor for The Dayton Vineyard a pretty good church. He was a church planter in Scotland for 18 years, worked for the Cincy Vineyard, and has developed on-ramps for service at the Dayton Vineyard. Over the past 5 years hundreds of Vineyard people have served the community in practical ways.

Julie Mitchel is part of Youth With A Missions Impact World Tour. The tour is currently in Ohio’s greater Miami Valley. The tour uses creative communication connected to extreme events to reach the youth of our generation. Last year in northern Ohio the tour touched nearly 50,000 people. Julie has a passion to see the youth of our world discover faith in Jesus Christ.

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