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2007 was a great year for our City Care Outreach. It is exciting to know that over a thousand Vineyard people helped us reach out to our community. This year we want to kick up our training to equip you to grow in confidence as you serve, and to help you reach out more effectively.

The e-training will help you:

  • Gain an understanding of why we reach out the way we do.
  • Grow your confidence to serve others in a positive upbeat way.
  • Give you tips to share your story with another person.

We are offering a special learning opportunity. Our e:training workshop is Saturday, March 15th, starting @ 9am, ending @ 1pmish.

We’d like to see everyone who served in 2007 attend this training. I would encourage you to mark this date on your calendar and please make a special effort to attend.

We will be learning:

  • Future / Past – Lessons Learned From Our Outreach History
  • Servant Evangelism – Breaking Down Barriers, Building Bridges
  • I’m Wondering?? – How To Ask Great Questions
  • Walk Across the Room – How To Share Your Unique Story,
  • The Good News Is Still The Good News – How To Introduce A Friend To Jesus Christ.

Serving you,
Steve and the City Care Team
To register:
sign up in program or copy and paste link to nicole stubbs nstubbs@daytonvineyard.com

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