Panic Attack


What is the worst case scenario for a public speaker?…a panic attack when standing in front of people…

This happens to me from time to time…the last one was a year ago doing the announcements…yesterday it happened again…during the announcements stuttering, mind freeze, heart racing, mouth dry… I made it through but i was a wreck on the inside…o by the way it happened in front of Doug my leader…big fun

Looking back I realize what was going on…I have a cold and tried a cold medicine…on top of that I drank a cup of coffee dark roast just to kick me into gear…I didn’t eat anything for breakfast..

It was a stressful day…I had to put out a lot of fires before getting up to read the script…like leaving to pick up batteries, a mike not working, answering peoples stressful questions, Our first shot at multi site service where Doug drives to downtown in 15 minutes to speak between services at Beavercreek…hoping he arrives on time…etc.

The last time this happened I tried a cold med…ummm a link? I had to press through the emotions and decide it’s not who I am all the time…Having a set Script seems also to be a trigger…

a few years ago I was encouraged to not be note bound just sync around bullet points… tell stories.

In fact the last two times I spoke I was on form…like last weekend I spoke on Outward Focused Vision, I had great flow, and what I said moved people hearts.

So…I’m now when having to speak I’m going to forgo the coffee, cold meds or other medicines, eat a normal breakfast and pray more to prepare…

I’m grateful for being in a place where my failures don’t decide my future…

My friends all tell me I’m too hard on myself…perhaps they are right…In any case everyday is a new day with fresh opportunities to press ahead.

I’d encourage you to listen to this new series by Doug Roe…A right on stimulating series. go to itunes for podcast or click below for Revving up your New Year Part 1: Making Life Great in 2008

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