So… open before christmas

after the Dreams party we then held 7 yep count them 7 Christmas Eve Services with carols, off the chart choir, great message by Doug Roe…he must be the energizer rabbit just keeps on going.
We pulled it off with many committed volunteers, and a great staff. Literally thousands of people attended, at the end of each service people were encouraged to grab a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts and or a beautiful red Poinsettia to take and give away to people who were working on Christmas Eve.

Big fun…now, a good kind of being dog tired.

in the last 10 days i figured I worked around a zillion hours…

this week is clean up the the stuff and then begin to write systems of all our outreach event from finish to start…

But today we are enjoying a quite day with family and friends….heading up to the Fraze tonight to see the twinkling lights.

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