Feed the world

many years ago, 1984 Band Aid… a group of musicians and singers joined together and released a video to encourage people to give and help feed the world…if you look you’ll see a young Sting, Bono, etc.

The poor you will always have with you
and you can do whatever you want to do to help them.

the key is to do something to help the poor in your world.

Below is an interesting link… Sarah has been helping the homeless since 1969.

Renowned Belly Dancer Helps the Homeless

Yesterday Christmas Dreams was amazing…the best yet…hundreds of excited kids showed up…and an army of pumped up caring volunteers.

We had a blast caring, serving and praying for those who attended.

Now stories are filtering in…

Dave and Barry scoped the crowds to find just the right kids for one of the 30 donated bikes…

the first bike given was to a young family…

a few days ago they were in a fire…and lost everything, the young man pulled a man out of the first floor apartment…then watched as all he owned went up in flames.

believe it or not their employers fired them because they couldn’t make it to work…they couldn’t get to work because they were in survival mode and were looking for a place to move to and to start over…(nice employers eh?)

we had some bank cards left over from the shopping spree…so we decided to give the couple $500 and some change…when i handed the cards to the family they burst into tears…

Behind the scenes…

Pam, their case worker, had asked me to register the couple for the party and wrote their names down on a piece of wrapping paper at our Wrap It Up! station at the mall… we were fully booked but we made some extra room…

the kicker, I didn’t know that this couple was the couple we helped nor did Dave.

Pam later told me the full story…the couple are pulling away from generations of family dysfunction…and have been making good progress.

if Pam hadn’t cared enough to offer active help
if Pam hadn’t wrapped gifts at the mall to write their names down
if they hadn’t been invited
if we hadn’t made room
if Dave hadn’t noticed them to give them a bike
if we had spent all the money on gifts
if I hadn’t been standing were I was standing at that moment
if the party hadn’t been started by Doug Roe years ago…

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