Ramping up

Gift Wrapping at Fairfield Commons Mall Beavercreek is getting ready to launch. We’ll be wrapping presents every day beginning December 8th.
Mon – Thur. 12pm – 2pm and 6pm – 9pm

Fri. – Sun. 12pm – 9pm

We have a great spot located next to Sears lower floor.

We always have some great talks with people who are getting their presents wrapped. It’s a way of serving and sharing our story with the community.

always need wrappers…sign up in lobby of Beavercreek or Dayton Campus or show up at the mall.

Making Christmas Dreams Come True will be on December 22nd from 10am until 5pm. We’ll be serving 1400 people. Lot’s of kids. Every child will receive a present, make a craft for mom and dad, have their face painted and eat a great meal in a fun atmosphere.

It will take hundreds of presents and hundreds of people to make the event run smoothly. Last year after one sleepless night. I mentioned Doug…”I’m concerned about the presents, lack of”…He said “let’s see what the Lord can do”…a few hours later a family called and wanted to donate $2500 toward the gifts…the great thing… she went shopping and purchased the gifts. That’s why Doug is the Senior leader…gift of faith.

Making Christmas Dreams Come True 2007

Many of the less-served of our community will not have the opportunity to eat a Christmas dinner, open presents, or celebrate the season. Over the last decade, we have helped make Christmas Dreams come true for thousands of people in the Dayton area. Last year over 1,400 people were cared for during the Christmas season.

There will be:

Face painting
A Santa Shop
Upbeat Entertainment
…And Much More!!!

Where: Sinclair College Great Hall

When: Saturday, December 22 from 11:00am-4:00pm

Important not to miss Volunteer Meeting:
Thursday, December 20 at 6pm at the Vineyard.

We need your help. Your participation in Making Christmas Dreams Come True 2007 will ensure:

1,400 of the less-served of our communities receive a fully catered, sit-down meal in a pleasing, fun, and peaceful environment.

Every family who attends will receive quality gifts for their children.

Every child attending will be able to choose a present for their parents.

How can you participate?

By purchasing meal tickets which will be given to those in need. Tickets cost $10 a piece.

By signing up to help serve the less-served. Hundreds of volunteers are needed to collect and sort presents, greet attenders, serve the meals, decorate the Great Hall, and clean up.

By donating wrapped presents for the children. Thousands of gender and age appropriate toys are needed.

By giving generously. The meal alone cost over $16,000-your gift will ensure Making Christmas Dreams Come True 2007 will be a remarkable event for the less-served of Dayton. Make checks payable to The Dayton Vineyard line Christmas Dreams.

Need More Information?

For more information see the Making Christmas Dreams Come True brochure in the weekend program or at the information table. You can also contact Nicole Stubbs at 427-1912. or email nstubbs@daytonvineyard.com

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