4am donuts

wow…having almost a whole day off was great until 3:30am rolled around…jumped up, cleaned up and headed to the office…looked over notes for the weekend and headed up to Fairfield Mall for the Giant Donut outreach…5am

people were lined up waiting to get inside to Sears long before I arrived…

Most of the 80 or so people who came serve donuts and coffee arrived at 5:45am…we divided up into four teams and served the shoppers until 7:30am when we ran out of donuts…

For some people this is their outreach … they look forward to the tradition…

4044 Krispy Kreme donuts served
gallons of Boston Stoker served

Nicole our new assistant sure has ramped up the organization for our our outreach events it makes life easier for all

great time serving together as a pretty good church

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