Turkey’s giving away turkeys

This year we are going to the area apartments we have served with Get on the Bus and Community Funfest. We’ve been building some relationships with the communities and this years project will be an exciting investment into the lives we seek to reach.


Join your friends, small group or as a family helping others this Thanksgiving.

It’s simple: Take this list to any store and purchase the items listed. Pack the items in the box provided in the lobby and place the frozen turkey in the bag provided.

Then come to the Vineyard Saturday, November 17th @ 10am. After some instructions we will head out to an apartment building or two, and surprise the residents with a free turkey dinner.

this outreach is fun to do with a few friends or family. If you want to participate… or are short of cash, why not grab a few friends or invite your small group to pool resources and then shop together (grab some ice-cream after) and then serve together.

Shopping list:
__ 2 cans of corn
__ 2 cans of green beans
__ 1 large can of yams
__ 1 box of scalloped potatoes
__ 1 can of cranberry sauce
__ 2 boxes of mac and cheese
__ 1 box of brownie mix
__ 1 package of brown and serve rolls
__ 1 medium Frozen Turkey

Option: Be creative and add your own treats to the list.

Throw in a pie or other fun items

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