one crack pipe, two needles, 3 dead squirrels.

2nd Saturday Outreach 25 of us headed down to the new Campus to clean up, move fridges, clean windows and generally have a great time.

Donning Blue gloves and carrying black bags we cleaned up the surrounding area. The Family Dollar store’s driveway was littered with various items so we clean it up and hauled away ten bags of trash.

In the mix: 1 broken crack pipe, 2 needles, and 3 dead squirrels. Just to be in the area cleaning things up made a difference. People sat on their porches, the brave came and asked what was going on. Light is a very bright in a dark area.

We also set up the shelves for the new food pantry which will begin next month. I felt very energized by the day…I usually don’t have very many up days…but yesterday was up on my emotional, spiritual senses. Perhaps it had something to do with God’s will and doing the stuff.

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