Lions, and tigers and bears Oh, My! Wizard of Oz

If you are going to stay home…be kind, be warm and be inviting.
A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

Halloween for many a Christian is a very scary night. Bar the doors, pull down the shades, keep the kids in and play it safe is a normal reaction. However, it’s important to note, lots of Americans do not have a Christian belief system. Their view of life is much different to many believers. For those who know not Christ see Halloween as a fun night for the kids.

One year I stayed home, on purpose. I wanted to check out the scene in my neighborhood where I’m known. To catch the vibe. See what parents were doing with their kids. To be in my community. My desire was to connect with my neighbors in some tangible meaningful way. I chose to sit on my front porch with my mini dachshund as protection and use an Izone mini camera to take the little monsters’ picture then give the kids the photo and ask them to hand it to their mom or dad.(it was interesting no scary costumes on my block)

It was a big hit. Comments like, ‘Wow, this is cool!’ to questions like, ‘Why are you doing this?’ were the norm. I’d reply, I’m just showing you God’s love in a practical way.’ And chat with the parents.

One my friends decided to have Veggie Tales playing on the big screen in their den. They’d invite the parents and kids in and offer free coffee, hot chocolate and have some personal gifts made for each family. Again a huge hit and many positive conversations with parents.

Here are some Halloween tips.

  • Recognize you can positively invest in how you as a person are perceived in your neighborhood. Hopefully, people are saying something like…’Hey that’s Mr. Jones. He’s a nice guy always doing nice things for people. He’s goes to that pretty good church down the street. So, If you are going to stay home…be kind, be warm and be inviting. A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

  • Recognize, ‘they out there,’ are not your enemies. They are your neighbors. They have names like Mary and Tom, etc. with kids named Joey, Samantha, etc.
  • Recognize if a parent is walking with their child they are being responsible parents. Saint or Sinner, it’s true, it matters not.

Do something out of the ordinary like:

  • Buy an izone or Polaroid camera… kids come to your door take a picture hand it to the kids for the parents.

  • Have something for the adults. Offer a cold pop, or a cup of coffee, hot coco, or hot tea.
  • In your driveway bring your TV and DVD outside and show Veggie Tales. Have lawn chairs set up, add bags of popcorn and you’re off to the movies. One friend in Tampa had a crowd by the end of the evening.

  • Buy something different like giant candy bars or individually wrapped bags of popcorn etc. available at most stores. Be Big… Be Generous… Be Creative

  • Be ready to share your faith, by answering questions…and by allowing your positive caring attitude show. A smile and an encouraging handshake mean much to most people in your neighborhood

A verse: redeem the time for the days are evil.

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