Dog Days of Summer

Monday, August 13, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

How do you know we are in the dog days of summer?
It’s when you open the door for your dog and tell him / her to go outside and he / she looks at you and says nope I’m not going.

We’ve had a great summer! our new series has been well received…Turn up the volume… a series on prayer and fasting for 40 days…it’s like Lent in summer…many people are responding and seeking to know God better by taking time to slow down, develop a hearing ear and responding to His voice.

We also are moving forward toward a new ministry for the people on Main Street. Main Street is where the Vineyard began serving the less served 15 years ago…Doug Roe is sensing we need to move back to our roots…

A couple of weeks ago we went down to see possible building, it was a great place. As we walked out of the building we met a lady who walked up to us…she was in need…her two grand kids were in a car wreck and she need funds to get to Columbus…it was a legit request…Doug being the generous guy he is pulled out his wallet and gave her more than enough funds for the trip…we then prayed with her as she thankfully wept…

the next day i received a phone call for a church on Main…they asked if we would help them reach their community on Sept 1st…I met with them on Thur last week…it was evident we needed to help…so we will be providing a block party in a box…all they have to provide is ice and volunteers..

This is the bubble principle in action…we sense God’s leading, a need confirms the leading, an invitation solidifies the sense of leading.

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