Church Health

how do you know when a church is healthy? are there indicators? are there signs that show health and growth?

Jesus often talked about faith and action. The book of James also talks about faith and action. It seems that those who sought to know God…this is the work…to believe in the Father and whom He sent…and to seek to make God known to others through caring service seems to point to personal growth and health.

Those who are in the process of becoming gracious givers instead of grasping receivers seem to flow from personal growth and health. Freely you have received, freely give…Jesus mindset. The giving Jesus was talking about is to give forgiveness, love, genuine care, time, and material goods. When a large percentage of a church continues to reach out beyond themselves it is a sure sign of health.

During the last two months over 400 Vineyard people decided to put faith into action through participating in our City Care initiatives. They are learning that as they are giving to others, somehow they are refreshed in return. They are learning the principle of sowing and reaping… actions combined with an active faith= personal growth.

Back Packs an indication of health…

This year our backpack mound was off the chart…more people participated than expected and more people were generous beyond the norm. As the packs came in I noticed healthy attitudes, smiles, and a willingness to invest in the education of kids they knew not. Most included their families in the project as they packed and brought the backpacks to the Vineyard. It was exciting to see kids wearing the backpacks and then being challenged to throw the backpack on the pile.

Health can be measured by how many people are actively turning outward by practically serving others. Othercenteredness is a key to personal growth. Giving, caring, loving are active words that should move us beyond ourselves toward faith in action. Want to have a healthy life, or a healthy church? Then seek to motivate people toward a great Cause. A Commitment to a worthy Cause Creates a healthy Community…Cause Creates Community.

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