What a weekend!

wow! boy howdy! Community FunFest
We’ve been praying for a few weeks that there would be more people showing up for our outreach events. This past Saturday over 75 people turned out for one of our biggest parties of the season.
As they gathered I encouraged them to read Mark 4 when they returned home.

It’s the story the sower…Note the Duh-ciples didn’t understand or pick up on the message. They came to Jesus later in private and asked some questions. His reply was stunning, ‘If you don’t understand this parable you won’t understand anything concerning the Kingdom of God!’ He then explained the illustration.

Bottom line: no go, no sow = no reaping.

I also encouraged the team to be on emotionally and to view their assignment with a positive, attitude. Our assignment for the day was to talk to the kids the families not just do the games, grill, facepaint.etc. It was a great event. Lot’s of positive energy. A strong sense of peace.

One lady showed us a gold fish her daughter won 4 years ago!

As we left we carried bags of groceries to some of the attendees homes and left $600 of Kroger gift cards for the people who were displaced by a recent fire… a good day.�

We also had a great bbq on Sunday for over 100 people who turned out for our Water Everywhere! Outreach downtown Dayton. Most of the 100 or so people had never done an outreach before…we divided up into four teams and went to Riverscape where the 1st of July fire works were going to be launched…it was a blast… family and friends working together, having fun, praying for a few people, connecting with the city.

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