Skateboarder Day

What do you do when you live near the best street skateboard park in the USA and it’s Skateboarder Day…you grab 500 bottle of Gatorade of course. We partnered with an Apex Community home church and met up at the park. I knew it would be a large crowd. When we arrived the free t-shirt, stickers, shoes, hats etc was in motion to end the event. As the crowd turned to skate some more we held up FREE DRINKS! sign… We were busy for about 30 minutes. the hot dogs the group brought were gobbled up and the 500 drinks were handed out… It was interesting, 1. because i often go up to the park and hand out Gatorade..not telling the skaters I’m a Jesus follower guy… however, they are pretty perceptive and asked often, ‘Are you a God guy?’ 2. because the new group had a line that went, ‘God provided the food.’ fun to look at the faces, in both groups… we also used a new kindness card from steve sjogren that pointed the skaters to a web site it’s a cool card that provokes interest…i’m sure the site will improve to point searchers toward the ONE who can change a life. a fun day…provoked some thoughts i’m sure.

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