It’s Party Time!

yesterday 60 vineyard people went to our fist low income party of the summer season…we set up the event in about 30 minutes… then the action began…kids playing games, parents helping the kids, people eating hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings, snow cones, popcorn and Oreo cookies for desert…big fun with a big B

as we neared the end, we raffled off a tv, a Toshiba, 19 inch digital flat screen…i read the number 149044…no one responded….then i read another number….no one…then a girl of about 8 came up and said, did you read out 149044? I replied yep, she had taken her ticket home for safe keeping, i told her to go get the ticket….

so she ran home, grabbed the ticket and ran back…when she returned she kept saying, we’re not very good at these raffle things…i held her ticket and compared the numbers…149044…surenuf she won!

The interesting element she was a twin, so two smiling girls, Halley, and Kaley took the tv home…they had never won anything before…

As we cleaned up and finished packing the trucks…it began to rain…

it was a great day…60 tired but grateful vineyardites had completed their mission…
to practically to show God’s love to a group of people who would never be able to afford going to a fair, or purchase a snow cone, or pay for some time on a bouncy castle, or eat gourmet hamburgers, or have their faces painted, or make a top notch craft all for free.

An encouraging impression of grace is clearly presented by the activity of kindness when the act of kindness is reflected through our attitudes and through our words.
steve bowen

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