Big Spring Clean

We had an ok BSC for single parents and grandparents raising children we learned a lot… realized we need about 120 Vols to pull this off…

here’s what happened.
painted four rooms
fixed one unworkable toilet
demoed one mammoth deck …you’d have to see it to believe it

fixed one hole in wall
fixed one broken door frame

cleaned and fixed two gutters

cleaned one yard of concrete and iron posts

mowed four yards
power washed one driveway

planted one yard with flowers

cleaned 4 homes
moved washer and dryer to basement

also we sent all who requested help a free oil change coupon from Car-X

8 singles touched 25 shops with kindness bags near Wright State University one lady when receiving a bag…exclaimed you are that church…it’s my turn to receive a bag…she hugged the bag…then received meaningful prayer from the team.

300 mom’s received a flower from their children on Mom’s day
many children were dedicated to the Lord on the weekend…

this coming weekend Flowers Everywhere Kindness to Go!

We learned much…one painting team went in the back door of a home they had instructions to paint the hall…they did…a neighbor came in to see if they had gotten the note on the front door…they hadn’t…they painted the wrong hall…now we will be painting both halls…

things you learn… all in all not a bad weekend.

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