Big Spring Clean

Tonight, Tuesday, and Saturday we will be helping single parents and grandparents raising children, cleaning homes, planting flowers, painting, doing yard work, and home repair.

Yesterday I pressure washed a drive way and another friend planted some flowers.

Grandparents raising children is on the increase in the USA. Their children having kids, then divorce, or drug abuse is driving up the stats. Many grandparents are not prepared for this second round of raising kids…

Single parents are chasing daylight most days and have the stress of being alone, attempting to better themselves, and keep the kids moving forward. One, recently divorced mom stated, ‘I didn’t sign up for this.’ She is now going to college to better her life and support her children.

In the news, a lady has written a book about women taking a risk by being stay at home moms, not working, and moving up the corporate ladder then be divorced. She has seen countless women abandoned, without a job struggling to make life work.

We’ve come a long way from stable family homes. Signs of the times. See Fox News report below…

‘Life’s Short, Get a Divorce’ Law Firm Ad Causes a Stir in Chicago Neighborhood…

So we are attempting to help in small ways, like free oil changes, a great meal every 2mos., free baby sitting vouchers and Big Spring Clean.

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