over 40 people are being baptized this weekend here a few sound bites that are encouraging… I had so many questions, and then to the starting point class which answered so many questions. The class opened my eyes. I want to deepen my relationship and life my life for him. Natasha

My family started to come to the Vineyard a couple of months ago. At a service Doug said if you haven’t taken Jesus Christ as your savior pray this prayer with me. I am ready to start fresh and commit my life to Christ. Doug

I became born again a year ago and I wanted to be baptized. Darla

Something came over me as I was in recovery and I asked God to help me because I could not do it myself. I am being baptized so I may receive more of the Holy Spirit. Bridgett

I hit bottom and prayed for a new start. Larry

To wash away my sin of the old man and receive the Holy Spirit. Timothy

I was at church camp. I want to grow closer with Christ. Alexandra

A church in Arizona that got me going on the right path…to further my walk with Christ. Jennifer

I love God He’s #1 so I can be saved. Sabrina

To publicly show that I am a Christian and that I believe in God and believe that he sent His son to forgive me and reign over all. Kelly

I went on a Christian Singles Cruise last August since then I have become closer to Christ as I was brought up when I was younger. I want to confirm my faith and be closer to Christ. Kristy

I was led to the Lord by my friend Andy; to deepen my relationship with Jesus. Matthew

I was at a retreat as a teen 15 years ago and accepted Christ while I was there. I have never been baptized and it feels like the right time in my life; to confirm my faith. Keri

I saw a billboard on Rt. 70 every day asking if I died today where would I spend eternity. My next step in my journey with Jesus. I learned in my reading that I should be baptized. Russ

I recognized the emptiness and lack of focus was caused by you lack of faith; to show my commitment to Jesus Christ. Robert

I had it as a child and than lost the connection…then during a retreat I got saved; it’s time. Victoria

I met the Lord looking at Easter decorations in a catalog; because Jesus wants me to. Swayer

I found that many things were lacking in my life until Jesus came into my life; to affirm my faith in Jesus as an adult. Ron

I seek baptism because I need a better relationship with God Lauren

My wife has been instrumental in awakening my faith; to complete my obligation to God. Derek

It happened over time but I finally fully accepted him a year ago while I was reading the ‘left behind’ book series; I am ready to enter God’s kingdom. Kerrie

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