20,000 easter eggs

this huge event is just around the corner, thousands of moms, dads, kids, dogs show up for this amazing event. You almost have to be there to experience the moment. When the families line the field and the horn goes off…it is like locusts moving gathering eggs, having fun, and basically enjoying the day. It takes many volunteers to help pull off the event, and much praying about the weather, safety etc. Behind the scenes we begin in Jan to gather supplies, etc.

Building a bridge into the community takes consistency and time. This is our 4th Easter we’ve done the event. One writer in a national outreach magazine stated, “egg hunts are boring and should be left in the past.” I thought, ‘he doesn’t have kids, nor is he in touch with the felt needs of families.’ Most want a safe, high energy, fun filled place to take their kids. Providing such an event, meets a felt need and opens dialogue.

A couple of years ago a policeman parked his car, and observed the event…he went home and asked his wife, ‘who would do such a great event for our community for free?’ She said, ‘The Vineyard a pretty good church.’ It seems she had attended, and was impressed with our consistent community involvement…and was savy enough to communicate the Good News in a way he could understand.

This year I’ve had the opportunity to coach a few other churches and encourage them to begin to create community events that would be the spring highlight for their area.

Small steps of kindness open hearts in a big way.

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