Bus Gus 2

Kid Art
a local school when we took the
bus there for show and tell

45 people showed up today…So we did a teen group and an adult group that went to two locations. Always fun to pack the groceries, share some encouraging stories, pray and head out.
the teen group had a powerful time praying for just about everyone who opened the door, people were deeply moved as the teens prayed, some openly wept. Others were encouraged and connected to God’s grace.

the adult group was the nubie group most had not gone out before some haven’t prayed for some one before…

in the end good stories, positive prayers and encouragement. More than one person commented, ‘i think i received more than i gave.’ this is often felt and expressed…

as we go and share somehow (it is a mystery), we end up receiving…

we often discover we have more to give than we think, realize our lives can make a difference as we go and make ourselves available.

Glad to be in a church that cares for others.

small things done with great love can change the world one bag of groceries at a time

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