Flowers Everywhere

yesterday two small teams headed out into our community with hundreds of carnations and you’ve just been kissed packs…we divided up went north and south…then we popped into the shops at various strip malls and asked, “how many ladies to you have working today?” we then counted out the flowers as we said, “we want to be the first ones to wish you a happy Valentines Day.” They then asked, “who are you?” we then handed out some you’ve just been kissed packs and replied, “we’re the vineyard and you’ve just been kissed.” Great fun, startled looks, lots of Oh’s and Ah’s from the ladies. Several people mentioned, ‘you’re that pretty good church aren’t you?’ 700 flowers, into the hands of some grateful people…in an hour and a half.

behind the scenes… as we left, we noticed the ladies talking to their male co-workers about the gift, we saw them look at the packs, point to us, smile and generally have a conversation about the kindness they had just received.

note: kindness done with God’s love usually has a ripple effect touching more than one life…every connection, connects to the people within a persons sphere of influence, they go home and tell their family, or they talk about the experience with a friend…

Wednesday we go to University of Dayton with Flowers Everywhere, this will be our fourth year there…

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