What’s in nail polish?

here is a great outflow letter…the principles of listening, noticing, going the extra mile, openness etc.

Hey Steve…
Sunday after attending the New Beginnings breakfast and information, I made a return to a nearby store. While the gal was ringing me up she made a positive comment about my nail polish. She liked the color and asked if I knew what it was. No, was my answer.

A few hours later while watching TV and knitting the Lord conveyed a plan to me! Go get the receipt which would have the phone number for the store and the name of the gal who waited on you. I got the name of the nail polish and called her. She was so shocked that I took the time to call. In fact she said, “I can’t believe you took the time to call and give this information to me. Thank you so much.”

My response was just as surprising to her. I told her it was just a practical way of showing her Gods love, he cares about everything. She asked me to come back in again sometime, she wanted to talk to me!

When I first went into the store she was right there at the front door. I told her I was waiting on my husband to drive up and drop off my shopping bag from her store with my return. I told her I walked over from the Funny Bone where we had just had lunch and a meeting. She said she wondered what was going on over there because she had noticed all the cars parked in that area. I shared with her we were attending the Vineyard membership meal and membership classes. So, she also knows what church I am from.

Don’t you love it….I do. I love to witness of God’s love for others. There are just so many opportunities and the holy spirit is so willing to give guidance and direction. It is such a precious part of having a personal relationship with HIM!

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