Staff Outward

yesterday the intrepid staff went out to the Kettering, Beavercreek schools to show God’s love in practical ways… Great responses! and a good team building time…the Polaroid cameras opened doors for dialogue…who are you?, why are you doing this? etc.

here is the Big Idea…it came to me at 3am the night before…often when we do outreach I can’t sleep, always seems to be some sort of hassle, mind twist, or emotional upheaval just before or after the outreach

The Pretty Good Donut Challenge 4 teams with 15 doz donuts each maps for 3 schools

each school gets 3 to 5 doz depending on the school size the left over boxes should be delivered to local stores etc.

The challenge using maps take donuts and kisses, to local schools, go to the main office… let them know they have just been kissed as an early valentine… then on to other local stores etc. When delivering the donuts, document your trip by taking pictures with the camera of the teams progress on trip. Points given to most creative, fun, photo documentation and for most unusual place donuts given.

10 pictures
Required pictures:

Whole team together off the ground
Whole team with at least 2 teachers

Most unusual place donuts are given

Team drinking coffee together

Team progress documentation

Winning team receives gift cards for Caribou Coffee

They were all winners…photos to follow…in another post

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