project outflow…a great small group training, equipping, starting a conversation, listening learning experience by Steve Sjogren and Dave Ping . My friends invited a few of us Dayton Vineyard people to share in the conversation around Outflow a new book, DVD training, out by Group Publishing.. I am always interested in new ideas, conversations that move me forward, sharpen my outwardfocus etc.

i thought the small group edition DVD was best, not because i was a participant, but because of the questions asked and the conversations that followed. there are three main players from the Dayton Vineyard participating in the project.

outflow…connection to God through Jesus His Son…how it translates moving into an outward focused life….

Seeing oneself on DVD is interesting…balding, a bit pudgy in the waist,(my wife tells me that I’m slightly obsessive) yet intense, and sharing experience of inflow to outflow…my line about discipline in the basics…the daily walk…in the mundane…to the extreme…reading my bible, as a discipline that translates into life…or when really needing an infusion…going for a walk opening my heart…listening and noticing…sometimes it is really that elementary…doing what you know to do…read, love, listen, daily seeking to love God…and making Him known…touching lives with my life that happens when or as I’m in Him.

anyway it was a privilege to share some of my life with the project…outflow…hope it encourages people to look beyond themselves, beyond and into Him where all life flows…out to those who need Him most.

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