Kindness to go

This weekend will be one of our kindness to go weekends…after each service gift bags will be available for the Vineyard people to take to their favorite eatery, grocery store, police station, fire department etc. After every KTG weekend we usually receive several heart warming stories. Sometimes people even write us notes to say thanks. Often people touched by kindness, come and check us out…what is a pretty good church?

We are in a growth phase at the Vineyard…I’m amazed…many new people arriving every week to experience what we do.

We are very grateful and know it’s an indication of God’s faithfulness. We pray often that we’d have favor upon our lives and that He’d bring the increase. it’s happening… with a big I

Here is a song I listen to often…Charlie echo’s my desire

Charlie Hall

Salvation spring up from the ground

Lord, rend the heavens and come down

Seek the lost and heal the lame

Jesus bring glory to Your name

Let all the prodigals run home

All of creation waits and groans

Lord, we’ve heard of Your great fame

Father, cause all to shout Your name

(Riff 2)

Stir up our hearts, oh God

Awaken our spirits to awe who You are

Put a cry in us

So deep inside that we cannot find

The words we need

We just weep and cry out to You

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