wind down, wind up have some fun with extended family, a great time in Birmingham…we had a good night last night celebrating, not the new year but life together…families together, lighting firecrackers, bottle rockets and basically having a good fun family evening. All triplets having some great photos and a laughing, upbeat, fun filled time…i think laughter, or hearing my wife laugh with sisters is part of the life experience, life goes at a such a fast pace, i often forget the important things that really matter, relationships….relating to God through His Son, relating to others, and relating to all my family, hugging(hard for a non hugger) appreciation and genuine friendship….

What does 2007 bring? who knows?…but i do know we are committed to slowing the pace, resting more and recharging the batteries more often…all outflow with no inflow = downfall…

now at my sisters having a salmon meal, great food again reconnecting, and encouraging each other…

heading home tomorrow…what does tomorrow bring?…every day has enough care for the day, live for the day, live like you are dying, live secure in the Father’s grace…..

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