Why would you wrap presents for free?

two skater guys walk by see the sign free gift wrap…they stop look in and ask, ‘why would you do that?…do what?…’wrap presents for free?’ ‘just doing good…showing God’s love in a practical way.’ ‘Cool, can i have a peppermint?’ yep’ ‘Hey, Are you guys Christians?’ yep, ‘would you pray for for a friend of mine, he’s in a coma?’ yep, let’s pray…so the small group leader gets ready to pray the guy holds out his hand we all hold hands and pray for the friend. It was quite a sight to see a small group doing the practical …wrapping presents and having fun and…seeing the spiritual connection…sincerely praying for a guys friend…at the end of the prayer…they shake all of our hands…and say, ‘thanks’.

nice night, good day for wrapping it up…redefining Jesus to the community one present at a time.

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