Changing the World One Burrito At A Time

3’s Seeker, Surrendered, Servant

Surrendered Servant

Jesus was the most outward focused person who ever existed

He went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the enemy Acts

His mission statement, The Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life a ransom for many…Jesus

The first miracle Water into wine at a 7 day wedding party

People were hungry he fed them

The last act just before he went to the cross…He washed the disciples feet

The last act after being risen from the dead and speaking to the disciples about the Kingdom of God…He cooked the disciples a fish breakfast on the beach.

He is the Servant King

He is the Message

His vision was the Mission

His mission was His Vision

He served his way into the hearts of the people

He was a friendly open hearted person…this is why he was accused by the religious right of the day as a “Friend of sinners”.

He did not come to present seminars but to encourage surrendered service.

His disciple didn’t get the job description…Up to the cross they were still arguing about who was the greatest…Phillip questioned, ‘Show us the father’ Jesus response ‘Oy Vey…Believe not because of what I’ve said but because you saw what I did / do.’

he cared, he was kind, he beckons us to walk as he walked, in humble service…

Changing the World One Burrito At A Time

Quick story that may bring a smile to your face: as is my Sunday custom, I left the church building and drove to Chipotle to grab my weekly tortilla-wrapped chicken sublime. As I observed the two women ordering their food in front of me (I think it was a mother and daughter), it occurred to me that it would be Kingdom-fun to pay for their meal. As I got eye contact with the cashier (Brad, whom I know just from many-a-short-conversation-between-the-tortilla–squisher-and-the-sour-cream), I flashed my cash, pointed at the two ladies in front of me, and gave him the international “shush” sign. It is indeed fun watching the first reaction to “someone already paid for your food.” Incredulity. It really is so rare for someone to do something unexpectedly kind that it actually shocks folks.

But here’s the punch line: after the women left and it was my turn to pay for my food and theirs, Brad laughs a little, shakes his head, and says, “well, Tyler, your total is only $12.00 because someone already paid for YOUR food.”

Changing the world – one burrito at a time,

for the King,

ty is the worship leader at Northwest Vineyard Community Church Cincinnati

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