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I thought you’d be interested in a “behind the scenes” look at the impact of some of the members of your church family…

Last Saturday I was in a store at the Cross Pointe Center in Centerville. About eleven o’clock three people came into the store delivering a small gift bag and flowers. They wished the two young ladies behind the register a good day and offered well wishes for a patron and myself. Shocked, the women asked what this was for and they simply said something to the effect that they just wanted to do something nice for others. With that, they left.

Here’s the conversation your members did not hear….

One of the ladies turned the other and said, “I can’t believe what they just did…nobody does something nice like that for people they don’t know…especially on a sunny Saturday!” With that, a male patron asked if they were with The Vineyard. The women looked at the card left behind and said they were. He went on to say he is a fireman and one New Year’s Eve people from the church came in with doughnuts and thanked those at the station for their service. He said, “they make every attempt to serve and love like Jesus Christ….if He washed the feet of others, then they should be giving to loved ones and strangers.” He said the event on New Year’s Eve gave him a new perspective on giving. A few minutes later, one of the young women was helping a lady take an order to her car. She took one of the flowers and gave it to her. With that, the lady asked what it was for and she simply said, “I would like you to have a nice day.”

It was clear last Saturday your church members touched those who may not be Christians and people like me, who are, but often need a reminder of our mission. This is a great story of the “ripple effect” of their efforts.

Keep up the great work.


Michele Lehman

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