Continuing to think on some old notes from bowen, sjogren, murren and roe

Outreach Presuppositions:

Deep down Pre-Christians really want to know and obey God.

Pre-Christians typically have five or more significant encounters with the gospel before coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pre-Christians usually will not come to us to find God; we have to go to them.

Friendly, openhearted people make the best evangelists.

Church life, spent in the presence of Christian’s only, produces saints who are neither friendly nor openhearted to outsiders.

It is normal for everyone who loves Jesus to have a heart for the poor, sick, lost, widowed and homeless.

God has a passionate heart for the lost. Lost people matter to God. Whether we choose to bring Christ to unbelievers or not, God is very creative and will always seek to win them in some way.

Pre-Christians may not remember what they’ve been told regarding God’s love, but they always remember what they’ve experienced of God’s love.

Unchurched people need to see a church that is genuinely caring not just friendly.

The unchurched seek honesty and humility from your church rather than perfection and professionalism.

Today’s unchurched are seeking relevance, not accurate history.

The desire to share our faith with is in the heart of every believer.

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