Outward focused church

Digging through some old notes…I found some marks of an outward focused church by Sjogren, Murren that still speak today…

Marks Of An Outward Focused Church:

An outward focused church is a church that takes seriously the Great Commission.

They stay focused and committed to the main thing—The great commission…Go

Their perspective is out—rather than in.

A church that defines itself by what it seeks to do beyond itself into the city assigned to it by God.

Their dreams are more outward than inward. How can we reach, love, serve?

They are structured for growth. Small groups are embraced and encouraged.

They have a practical view of their facilities …rather than buildings being seen as holy, they see the buildings as functional. A place where people can be gathered into an inviting atmosphere of God’s presence. The buildings serve the church, not church serving the building.

They embrace relevant, real-life practical teaching…many use fill in the blank…take away points…or memory keys to help ground the messages.

They are generous toward the city. Their budget reflects their serious commitment. How serious a church is toward reaching the city is reflected by their outreach budget….

They endeavor to bring clarity concerning the movement / power of the Holy Spirit. They seek to be naturally supernatural…they speak normal, yet are dependant on God’s power, and ability to change a life.

They seek to be bringers and includeers.

They do what ever it takes…every one learns to serve.

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