Get on the bus! a great trip

this saturday is get on the bus!
several vineyard people gather at 10am and pack grocery bags, load up the bus and head for a low income housing estate. We divide up in pairs and go door to door offering a free gift and offering prayer. Interesting responses:

You came at just the right time i had no food

I need to ask God for forgiveness

Can you pray for us we are on our way to the hospital my wife is in labor

My lift fell yesterday, I thought if i ride it down i’ll break my legs…so i jumped…yes, I’d like prayer

This Monday I enter rehab will you pray for me

I’ve been asked to take greater responsibility at work, I don’t think I can do the job…pray for me

We have no food, no job, I’ve been laid off work, I’m raising my grandson…pray for us

I’m house bound and needed the food…will you pray for me that I can be strong enough to leave my home

I’ve just moved into the area…I need help and assistance

Who are you? Oh you’re the fish people! We still have our gold fish from last summer. We reply, it’s a miracle!

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