ton of fun

we are gearing up to raise a ton of candy…I have wheel barrels placed in stratigic locations around the Vineyard…people will bring their candy, place in wheel barrels we move the candy to a storage area…we’ll save over $1000…

funfest 4 is just around the corner October 27th it’s an evening where thousands of people come to the vineyard from our community…we call it a safe place for families on Halloween…people respond to fun, safe, and families…so far we will have:
30 ft climbing wall
bouncy castle, giantslide, tunnels
airbrush tattoos
k12 a craft artist group from dayton
a 22 seater hay ride wagon

22 games

one game the kidz love is toys in straw…we bust 25 bales of hay and hide toys the kidz jump in look for the toys

black light bus

and 3000 hotdogs cooked over the 3hrs…

i attempted to book the wiener mobile from Oscar Meier…for the 3000 hot dogs that will be cooked in 3 hours.

22 games

blow up bouncy castles, tunnels, giant slides etc.

and our kidz team performance

FunFest 4

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