better promises

the above book is worth a read..

been thinking about the bible and how Jesus came to fulfill the law and the prophets…lot’s of leaders today are into Old Testament mentality…God will bless when, revival will come when, get life in order now or else, etc…somehow I’m thinking…’the cross has paid it all’, all blessing is summed up in the Son. John says ‘from His fullness we all have received one blessing after another’…

when Jesus died on the cross He ushered in a better coventant founded on better promises(see Hebrews)…Paul addresses the error of attempting to work for God’s favor instead of already having God’s favor… in Galations and Colossians

and the writer of Hebrews does an amazing job talking about going from shadow to substance…Grace is the substance, Mercy is the substance, the Law is the shadow that points to the One who is full of Mercy, Grace and Truth…receiving Him we receive all we need in this life and the life to come

anyway some ponderings…

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